There are two versions of the Blueprint for Safety Window Protection Cost Tool. Please review the descriptions of the tools below and select the one that you find appropriate:
Easy Tool
Comprehensive Tool
The easy tool requires that you know the livable square footage of your home. This tool will provide a very rough estimate for each type of protection tool.

To begin the Easy Tool, click the link below:

The comprehensive tool requires that you know how many windows you have in the following categories:
  • Small Window (3' x 4')
  • Medium Window (4' x 6')
  • Large Window (6' x 6')
  • Doors (3' x 6'6")

You will also be required to know which type of protection tool you would like to use from the following types:

  • Plywood Shutters
  • Commercial Metal Panel Shutters
  • Accordion Shutters
  • Swing (Colonial) Shutters
  • Electric Roll Down Shutters
  • Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors

This tool will give you a much more accurate estimate of how much it will cost to protect your home. Although it is still just an estimate.

To begin the Comprehensive Tool, click the link below: